Couple Shooting
in Italy

in Sardegna/Sardinia or Liguria

Here you find some Info for the free Giveaway Couple Shoot.

About the Shooting

As a Cinematographer, Wedding Videographer and Photographer I suprisingly visit Sardegna in the next couple of weeks. I don´t pay for professional Models nor charge money for the shoot from you.

What am I looking for

I´m looking for a couple in Sardegna, Italy that wants to have a vow or a elopement captured on Video in an emotional, cinematic Style. I will record the Vow Sound and will put music to background. It will be published on my Instagram / Facebook Account and my Homepage. The video shooting will take place in the north of Sardegna

What you have to bring with


i´m looking for intresting faces. The more special you are the more intresting you are. Tatoos, Beards and Piercings are welcome but not a must. 


Of course you want to wear something special. That could be a relaxed-bohemian-Style Dress for Her and Him but also a modern-traditional Suit and Dress.

In Sardegna

Me and my Family are coming to Sardegna from the 20th of July until the 30th of July.

In Liguria

Me and my Family are coming to Liguria from 31th of July until the 5th of July

If you are interested, drop me a line

and send me a link to your Instagramm, Facebook page.

I speak German, English, a little Spanish and a very little Italian.

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